Get rewarded
for being Active

Introducing Gelora — the first-ever sports rewards platform that adds benefit to your physical activity.

All in One Solution

We offer a single platform where the members just need to show up, be active and get healthy as a reward.

Multi Sports Preference

Whatever sports do you play, Gelora suits you! Sports are safe in maintaining physical distance during activity.

Social Network

Everyone needs a supporting community, join a club or set up your own team, invite friends and be active.

Tons of Rewards

Whether you like to eat, shopping, going to an event, or love to hangout, our rewards tick all these boxes.

Built for Community
Sports Providers

Whether you are sports clubs, venues, or coaches, we simplify your organizing process from activity initiation up to payment.

High Quality &
Curated Facilities

Access schedule availability in real time and book top facilities around you with ease. Play along with friends to make it more fun!

Track your Activity

Don’t find a suitable activity for you? No worries! Simply create one or track your activity by connecting your casual activity tracker with Gelora.

Convert Sweats into Rewards

Only at Gelora, you’ll get rewarded for every sports activities or workout you’ve done. As long as you keep moving, enjoy the rewards ranging from f&b’s to sports gears.

We are proud of our works

Thanks to all partners & customers who play a major role in this journey together.









Pradana Sugarda

Pitch 98, Management

“With, customers can get information of schedules, book a field, and even search other teams to play. As a new sports facility owner, we were very supported by”

Rifqi Alviryansyah


“Gelora is a very friendly platform for soccer lovers. Their Mobile Web-App is easy to access and always informs its users of new venues. It's really helpful in the process of booking a field/court”

Feraldo Axel Paulus

Persija Dev. Operations Director

“Managing the schedules of our fields is easier with Gelora. The online booking feature has increased the traffic of the field’s rent. Even in times where it was previously not busy.”

Budi Hartanto

Tennis Coach

“Gelora is very accommodating. It makes a lot easier for me to keep track my activity schedules. Through online, I can also reach a larger audience.”

Which one are you?

No matter what your current condition, your sports preference, or your daily behavior, we’re here to help you achieve your health goals. We are on a mission to help everyone!

Sports or Fit Enthusiast

Sports/Workout is more than just a hobby, is part of your daily life. You’re highly aware of your health goals and self motivated. You’re challenge seeker and open to learn new sports.

Group Organizer

The true Hero! A community leader, event organizer, and care a lot about your community to stay active. Love to socialize and don’t mind doing the ‘dirty’ works. Hats off!

Physically Inactive

Meaning you rarely do workouts :( You need extra motivation from people around you and maybe rewards like vouchers or shopping discounts can help. Don’t worry, we’re here to make you more active!

Experience Sports, Better

We are here to make sure your hard-earned sweat will not go unnoticed.
Cause you deserve Better.